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How are the 2020 E-Scooter trials going in the UK?

The start of July saw E-Scooters finally start to become legal on some of Britain’s roads. The long awaited introduction was eventually due to the demand to reduce the overwhelming pressure on our public transport system, as well as the desire to Green-Up our cities.

Britain’s E-Scooter revolution starts with the Department of Transport allowing the first E-Scooters to rent schemes to take place in England, Wales, and Scotland. These schemes are initial 12 month periods, but many believe the E-Scooters on UK roads are going to be here to stay. That’s certainly the case if you look across the European mainland, where the E-Scooter life has really taken off.

It’s worth noting that whilst E-Scooters will be available to rent, owning an E-Scooter is still a little frowned on by the UK law enforcement officers, that is to say….it’s still, at least for now, not legal to ride owned E-Scooters on Britain’s roads. Only validated rental schemes and rental companies can provide this E-Scooter solution legally.

The riders using E-Scooters must also be qualified drivers themselves, that is to say that they must hold a Provisional or Full Car or Motorcycle licence already, for this they must also be above the age of 16.

Bizarrely the first city up and running is Middlesbrough, nothing wrong with Middlesbrough of course, but not the first city you’d of guessed I am sure. Middlesbrough doesn’t have the sole rights to E-Scooters mind you, and circa 60 other local authorities are also keen on bringing the enjoyable electric scooters to their shores also.

Who is capitalising on this, well there are a plethora of E-Scooter companies with rental business models in place and already established across the continent. The likes of Lime, Spin, Bird to name just a few.

So far it’s a little early to be seeing any real issues around the introduction of E-Scooters, that said though, the negative word-spreaders have already let a few issues surface. The concerns of safety for pedestrians and the littering of users leaving the E-Scooters in a poorly judged place are already rife. For heavens sake, if you love E-Scooters, or any type of Electric Transport…Do not leave rental E-Scooters in a place it can cause injury, this is a sure fire way to see them taken of our roads, even before the E-Scooter owners amongst us get a chance to live the dream.

Can I get the same performance in a cheap e-scooter?

Talking of living the dream, it’s worth me pointing out that all these rentals will be limited to just 12mph, it’s quick enough, but not the E-Scooter Life speed, in fact, every escooter on our site can achieve greater top speed than this. Our Cheapest entry model, the 601 Smarthlon, an E-Scooter below £250, even this reaches 15mph when pushed to the max!

Cheap E-Scooter 601 Smarthlon

How is it going though?

So how’s it currently going. Well it is early days of course. The Middlesbrough 100, that is the initial 100 e-scooters provided by Ginger, that is (which has to win some website name awards) have been offering Electric Scooters at £2 for 20 minutes, to me, this is a bargain, and people have been taking the offer up in their hundreds, it is a positive start to the revolution, and with local authorities in Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool, and Portsmouth all suggesting the summer of 2020 will bring E-Scooters to their towns as well, well we could be seeing the start of something totally irreversible.

As a side note it looks as though the trusty Xiaomi M365pro remains the E-Scooter of choice for these rental companies. If you’re looking to purchase the equivalent but with slightly lower spec then we sell the Xiaomi M365.

Best alternative to the Xiaomi 365?

A wiser choice is perhaps the Smarthlon M6 Plus which is a great alternative to the M365Pro.

M6Plus Smarthlon(a)

Going to last?

One thing to remember however, we saw a similar green incentive with rental bikes previously in the UK, and this was pulled after massive investment firms took a huge hit to the pocket. The British people at that point couldn’t help but leave bikes littering the streets in unsuitable locations, we could help but vandalise the property, actually it was a real wake-up call, not a great advert for Britain I think!

So, can E-Scooters be different? Gosh I hope so, I hope we have grown up enough to be respectful and caring towards passengers and local residents, but also treat the E-Scooters as someone’s dear property, not to vandalise it, after all, we are only hurting ourselves in the long run. Let’s face it, if you’re on this site, I guess at some point you wish to buy an E-Scooter, owning an E-Scooter is currently a highly restricted exercise, but if we pull together and help these schemes to work, in the not too distant future you could buy an E-Scooter, and ride it on the roads!

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