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Off-road segway hoverboard, big tyres for big terrain lovers. For a maneuverable 8.5inch e-hoverboard, this is a very stable riding experience. This is among the most compact hoverboards in the market, whilst also being a real off-road beast.

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What is inside the box?

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Off road swegway, also called all terrain swegway hoverboard,is the most compact model in hoverboard market.

off road swegway

Main Feature for Off road swegway

8.5inch wheel

The 8.5″ all-terrain hoverboard might be an exception to the rule that bigger wheels are always better. Its terrain testing performance certainly matches the 10inch segways. Open to being ridden on different terrains, this hoverboard handles pavements, sidewalks, dirt pathways, grass, sandy beaches, even the occasional snow road.

Solid tyres

Another advantage…No need to worry about punctures! The 8.5inch tyres are solid, whereas the inflatable tyre of a 10inch struggles when encountering sharp objects, the hummer hoverboard is so strong that eats up many of the worst road surfaces with pleasure.

Samsung battery

All of the hummer hoverboards come with Samsung battery cell pack. No doubt about it, the Samsung battery is the safest battery for hoverboards, you can rest assured this hoverboard stands the best chance of making through season after season.

IP54 certification

Due to the terrain feature for off-road, there must be additional quality features such as water resistance. The IP54 standard means the lithium battery product is protected from water spray from any direction. Literally speaking, you can ride across a shallow puddle of water, but it is better to not ride on particularly rainy days.

Material: ABS+Aluminum frame
Color: Black, Camo
Tire Size: 8.5inch
Motor power: 400W*2
Net weight: 14.5kgs
Lithium Battery: 36V,4.4AH Lithium Battery
Charging time: 2.5-3 hours
Battery life: 5-6hours
Max load: 100kg
Mileage: 15KM
Max speed: 10KM/H
Carry bag: Yes
Bluetooth :Yes
Packing size:67*30*29(cm)


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