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    Chinese manufacturer Sunra, who have been in the electric vehicle market for over 11 years now bring us the incredibly beautiful Sunra Miku Max.

    The Sunra company have sold into more than 70 countries, and produce over 2 million electric scooters yearly. This company is a serious player when it comes to well-established manufactures of electric machines.

    Buy a Sunra Miku Max! It is a fierce e-machine, capable of a maximum speed upto 45kph…that’s roughly 28mph. It’s awesome styling is a real head-turner, and the affordable pricing through us at makes this purchase what we call a no brainer!


    Sunra Miku Max review

    At first glance, you’ll get presented with the design of one hell of an interesting e-scooter. Practicality wise, the beautiful C-shape frame is perfectly positioned to can carry larger objects onboard, fit them in the void! And if you are using this as a transport machine, you’ll be pleased to hear the Sunra Miku Max electric scooter offers a range of up to 60 km for 70kg weight. Easy to use and requiring little maintenance, it has high-quality components throughout, this is inclusive of a Bosch brand motor and a Lithium-Ion battery.

    Sunra Miku max with a 800w Bosch motor


    The Sunra Miku Max Bosch 800W brushless motor propels you at a max speed of up to 45km/h. Maximum power can go up to 1800w, it helps you to climb hills of up to 21dgree incline.

    This German brand motor has a guarantee of quality and reliability, allowing the electric scooter to benefit from full compliance with European standards (EEC). The electric vehicle also comes with a COC letter of road compliance.

    Lithium-Ion batteries 60V/20AH-800cycles



    The Lithium-Ion 60V/20AH battery has a significant autonomy of 60km with a lifespan of 800cycles. This removable battery is located at the footrest.

    Therefore, you can remove it from the scooter to recharge it. The battery can be recharged fully in 4-5hours using a simple 220V electrical outlet.

    Thanks to the robust frame, this electric scooter supports a maximum load of 100kgs. The vehicle weighs 70kg and the battery only 9kg.

    An innovative and well-equipped scooter


    With the presence of front disc brakes and a double hydraulic suspension in both front and rear, you can drive this Sunra Miku Max electric vehicle with comfort.

    With powerful LED front and rear lights as well as indicators, the Sunra Miku Max electric scooter is visible day and night without any difficulty.

    The 77cm seat height allows the young and elderly to climb aboard in relative ease. Even newbies can learn how to ride this bike very quickly.

    Sunra Miku Max Scooter comes with a remote control, which enables you to activate or lock it remotely. What is more, the USB port allows you to charge your mobile or small device whenever needed.

    Finally, this electric scooter has an LCD screen with a digital display. It will tell you everything you need to know, such as speed, battery level, time, distance traveled, and so on.

    Other advantages include Cruise control, Alarm, Anti-shock absorbers, Multiple colors, and much more.

    Specification of the Sunra Miku Max Electric Scooter

    Top Speed: 45km/h or 25km/h
    Range: 60 km
    Motor: 800W Brushless Hub Bosch in rear
    Displacement: 50 cc equivalent
    Battery: 60V 20 Ah Lithium-ion (1200 Wh) removable battery
    Battery cycles: 800-1000 cycles (about 60,000 km)
    Clutch: automatic
    Charging time: 4-5 hours
    Maximum load: 100 kg(1 person)
    Brakes: Front and rear disc
    Suspension: hydraulic front and rear
    Headlights: LED front, rear and turn signals
    Kickstand: yes
    Remote control: yes
    Seat height: 77 cm
    Dimensions: 166 x 32 x 121 cm
    Tire: 3.0-10’ Tubeless
    Scooter weight: 70 kg
    Battery weight: 9 kg
    Slope: 21°
    USB: yes

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    Black, Green, Orange, White


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