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What’s the most popular E-Scooter?

Ever ask yourself…What’s the most popular E-Scooter?

We at E-Scooter.Life have seen a number of different preferences and customers come through our virtual doors since we opened for business all those months ago. However, one thing is for certain, since the Covid-19 Lockdown we have seen one electric scooter stand out more than any other.

Our most popular E-Scooter has, without doubt, enabled our customers to purchase high-quality, precision-made machinery, with top-stats in the power and power-consumption markets.

The Smarthlon N7

Smarthlon N7 - Folded and Not Folded

This scooter packs a real punch through a 350W motor pushing 10inch wheels and a rider max weight of 150kg! The maximum top speed is circa 25km/h dependent on rider and travel conditions, and it continues to push rider and vehicle for a max range of 18km (more than enough for the majority of our riders).

When comparing this to the more popular Xiaomi M365 Pro, which comes in at a not inconsiderable £160 more. You can see the N7 holds up well, but for its range.


Xiaomi M365 Pro has a solid maximum range of 45km, compare that to the N7 and, well, you’ll be walking home with the N7 if you can’t stop the fun. However, the top speed of 25km/h is equal to the N7, and the max load of 100kg on the Xiaomi is dwarfed by the N7’s incredible 150kg max rider weight.

Perhaps it’s the closure of the gyms and the excess food during lockdown that led to the N7’s popularity, but one thing is for sure….This scooter is here to stay and lead the way for high-performance, affordable e-scooters on a budget.

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